ACTION Martial Arts SUMMER CAMP 2024

Get ready for an ACTION Packed experience!

We are rocketing into the 2024 Summer Camp with a brand new vision!

ACTION has recently completed a martial arts certification course, which licensed us to be a Skillz Integrated Child Development Center. This means we have access to thousands of brand-new tools, teaching resources, and an amazing network of child development leaders in the martial arts field! This gave us an overall reboot of the way we had our camp set up in the past!

Our Mission:

We align our students with their highest potential through support, challenge, inspiration, and nurturing of the whole self. We target growth in the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social areas. We intentionally create the best environment to allow our students the chance to grow, succeed, and excel in every area of their lives.


Programs & Activities

All of our summer camp activities will follow a formula called PIES. This acronym stands for Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social. Each activity planned throughout the summer will focus on one of these areas of development. This will ensure that your camper develops in all areas of their life. 

Physical Activities include Sports 🏀, Taekwondo 🥋, exercise, and outside adventure! 🌞

Intellectual Activities include Word games, math games, imaginative games, science experiments 🔎, and brain games.

Emotional Activities include Emote-charades ☺️, team-building activities, Mindfulness Mornings, and yoga🤸‍♂️

Social Activities include: Weekly Field trips🚍, Imaginative games 💭, team-building, and Arts & Crafts 🎨

Dates of Summer Camp

Here are the weeks we will be having summer camp!

☐ Week 1: May 27th – May 31st

☐ Week 2: June 3rd – June 7th 

☐ Week 3: June 10th – June 14th 

☐ Week 4: June 17th – June 21st  

☐ Week 5: June 24th – June 28th 

☐ Week 6: July 1st – July 5th

☐ Week 7: July 8h – July 12th  

☐ Week 8: July 15th – July 19th 

☐ Week 9: July 22nd – July 25th

☐ Week 10: July 29th – August 2nd

☐ Week 11: August 5th – August 9th  

☐ Week 12: August 12th – August 16th

Registration Options

We currently only offer attendance of 5 days per week of the summer. Our program is set up to build week over week, and students attending less than 5 days per week would miss out on a lot of the material and value that we are offering this year!


Full-Time Camper: Will be here 9-11 weeks out of the summer! This is the best option for families that are planning on a consistent summer schedule!

Part-Time Camper: Your camper will be here for 4-9 weeks out of the summer! Great for families who plan on taking vacations!

*50% off tuition for the 3rd child and beyond for all membership options



Commonly Asked Questions:

What are the hours?

Summer camp is open from 9 AM – 5 PM, with extended hour options from 7:30 AM – 6 PM as needed!

How is your program set up?

We separate the campers into 3 age based groups in order to keep activities engaging, entertaining and awesome!  All of our coaches are fully trained, caring and love kids! Campers between the ages of 5 and 16 years old are welcome!

Why do you allow 13-16 year old’s in your program?

We want our teens to be able to have fun as well! They will have age-appropriate activities separate from our younger campers. They will also be enrolled into our Leaders in Training Program, which is a program that develops relationship building, creativity, adaptability, and leadership skills! They’ll be paired with a coach to learn how to handle certain situations and respond to the actions of smaller children.

What is your pricing?

Pricing depends on several factors, we encourage you to reach out via email ( or by phone (847-970-9494) to get the best quote for your camper!

If you would like to register your camper today, please click the link below to sign up! Only $50 to save your spot!  You won’t want to miss out!!

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