Certifications & Awards

ACTION Martial Arts is the very best place in the Mundelein area for kids and families to develop character, physical fitness, and self-defense skills. Our customers tell us this all of the time and it is evident from the awards and certifications we’ve received over the years — as described below.

American Sabumnim Association

American Sabumnim Association

The American Sabumnim Association (ASA) is a global network of professional martial arts schools dedicated to raising the standards of the martial arts industry through self-regulation.

ASA offers a number of certifications that provide evidence that a martial arts school meets ASA’s demanding standards.

We are proud that we’ve earned several of these certifications and, as a charter member of ASA, we are committed to working with other members to ensure that martial arts is viewed at the #1 activity for kids and families.



Better Kids Institute

Better Kids Institute

The Better Kids Institute is a global organization with the goal of helping parents bring up better children — via two areas of focus:

  • Working with child development experts from throughout the world to provide valuable content for parents on how to bring up better kids.
  • Identifying the best resources in local communities throughout the United States to help parents find great activities for their children.

We are honored to have been selected to be listed on the Better Kids Institute website as both an expert and as a local resource to parents.


Kukkiwon Certification

Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters is the official taekwondo governing organization established by the South Korean government in 1973.

Kukkiwon administers the Poom-Dan Promotion Test, which measures a trainees commitment to personal growth in taekwondo. Certificates issued by Kukkiwon are held in high esteem and are required to participate in events supervised by World Taekwondo, the international federation governing the Olympic sport of taekwondo.

We are committed to having our instructors certified by Kukkiwon.

Best in The Desert 2018

The Best of the Desert 2018 celebrates the best businesses, organizations, people and more that the people of Mundelein think deserve to be named the best!

Kid Safe Certified School

The KidsSafe Network provides a comprehensive and thorough background check for all employees, resulting in the safest possible environment for you and your kids.