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Parenting Goals for Your Child’s Development

Guest contribution- There are a lot of parents with young children who prefer to hire child care services most especially when there is not enough time to be with them. Most of the times, parents prefer someone who is just a relative or someone who lives nearby. There are really…Read More

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Helping Your Kids Through The Tough Times Of A Divorce

Jeff Miller, guest contributor As difficult as your divorce is on you, it’s significantly harder on your kids. Sure, we like to think that kids are resilient and can overcome anything, but the fact is that the emotional scars left behind by divorce can haunt your children for the rest…Read More

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Teaching Children About The Importance Of Charity

Mark, guest contributor Charitable giving is one of the noblest acts a person can do. There is joy in giving and only those who give happily understand this. Usually we can watch and hear news in the media screaming about increase in crime and acts of selfishness all day long,…Read More

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Keeping Your Kids Disciplined as a Single Parent

Jeff Miller, guest contributor Raising a child is hard enough in a traditional, two-parent home, but for single parents, the challenge is even bigger. As a single parent, the responsibility for disciplining your children and shaping them into responsible, productive members of society rests squarely on your shoulders. You can’t…Read More

Is It Time To Improve Your Parenting Skills?

  Charlie Smith, guest contributor Being a parent isn’t a job, it is a lifelong turn of events that can bring us so much joy and at other times it kicks us where it hurts. Family life is just so unpredictable that we are constantly learning and developing ways in…Read More

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Are You Concerned Your Kids are Sexting?

Georgia Carson, guest contributor If you are concerned that your kids are sexting, chances are that they are. Scary? Absolutely! An article on What Every Parent Should Know About Sexting reported that 39% of teens and 59% of young adults have sexted at least once. They also define sexting as…Read More

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The Three Secrets To Parenting

Three secrets! There must be more to parenting than three secrets! Of course there is more to it than that. However, there are three things that you can do as a parent to help assure you raise an incredibly successful child. It all comes down to a couple of assumptions….Read More