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Teaching Children About The Importance Of Charity

Mark, guest contributor Charitable giving is one of the noblest acts a person can do. There is joy in giving and only those who give happily understand this. Usually we can watch and hear news in the media screaming about increase in crime and acts of selfishness all day long,…Read More

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True words at the middle school

Good reminder to kids as they pass through the doors of the middle school — and to the rest of us as we drive by, en route to our own lives. Vistelar Group –

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Knowing Who to Let In and When to Evacuate the House

No matter what your situation is there are going to be times when your teen and even preteen children are going to be left at home.  Sometimes this may be with a babysitter but there will be times when they are just left HOME ALONE. When left alone your children…Read More