Studies have recently revealed that cyber-bullying is one of the fastest growing styles of bullying in our children’s lives today.

I know… I’m shocked, too.

But statistics don’t lie.

According to an article I just read on the internet concerning bullying a survey of 1,500 students between grades 4-8 reported that an astounding 42% of kids have been bullied while online, and if that wasn’t enough one in four reported that it has happened more than once.

The report went on to say that 35% of kids have been threatened online MORE THAN ONCE. 22% of these kids have received threatening e-mails or text messages.

While I find this very disturbing, as a parent, I was even more concerned to learn that 58% have not told their parents or any adult about the mean and hurtful things that have happened to them while online.

Boy, things have sure changed from the time I was a kid.

I remember when bullying was a big kid in school that wanted to take your lunch money or someone who just said mean things to you when you had the misfortune to run into them in the hallways. When you got home from school you were safe so you could go and play with your friends. No one knew about what happened to you in school and you didn’t have to worry about until the next day.

Now times are very different.

Kids are not even safe when they are at home. Now everyone who has a computer or cell phone can see what the bullies are saying to you. There is no escape and if your child is not properly prepared for these types of situations, they will feel like there is no way they can ever escape the continued torment of being bullied.

Quite frankly I was taken back and couldn’t understand why kids were so depressed and thought their situation was so hopeless that they actually could commit suicide and take their own lives.

Well, if you’re like me I think you will find this situation totally UNACCEPTABLE.

And I’ll tell you why I feel this way, because we, as parents, can prevent this from ever happening.

How? By following some simple, easy to use tips for teaching our children what to do when this happens. That’s right we are the ones most responsible for teaching our kids how to handle these situations and the fact that you are reading this article means that you are the kind of parent that gets involved.

Good for you!

We have to be pushy parents and be involved in our kid’s lives BEFORE something bad happens. We here at the Better Kids Institute are committed to helping you stay informed with the latest and most effective techniques to raise happy and healthy kids.

Start learning what you can do now; you’ll be glad you did.